Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The New Earth is about No God's worshiped and recognizing that YOU are God.

You are all Sovereign Co-Creators who NEED not worship anyone or anything.

Appreciation, Joy, Fun, Co-Creation - YES.
Worship NO. 

As you are the God that you think is something or someone else creating your life. Your SOURCE you, your Higher Self, versions of you in other Realities. It is all You.  Don't give your life force to Worship in any way be it your time, energy, money, prayer or anything else to a version of "God" that is outside of YOU. You are GOD.

Trust your Intuition, your Judgement, your Clarity, your Vision and Co-Create the world you want. Use your time, energy, money, resources, gifts, tools to co-create for YOU. Don't give your power over to those who claim to be creating for you and controlling your afterlife.



Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Organic Timelines of Ascension and Unified Action
 May 6, 2017
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Light level took a jump this week as the May shift began. Gateway passages and unified Grid focus are consistent now, however unified focus during May 9 -11, and the very amplified passage of May 19-21 is requested. Creative energies return to us now, purified, renewed and ready to manifest the New. Use this Light, it aligns you with the Christed timelines.

Organic Timelines of Ascension

For clarity, here is a basic outline of Timeline dynamics for a planetary consciousness. While possibilities are infinite for an individual experience on a planet, we still work within the parameters of the Primary timelines for our creations and experiences here.

Those parameters change as the planet raises in vibration, un-veiling grander opportunities already set in place. Future aspects along the same timeline leave surprises and revelations for us to discover. Timelines reflect the same structure as our torus fields, nested within each other like the planetary torus fields, Solar system, Galaxy, and Universes. See the Torus Fields video for clarity.

Timelines can look like spirals or the loops of a torus field light strand. When I received the 2017 Gateways back in December, the timeline split appeared like DNA spirals splitting apart from each other. A fine representation of how our DNA enables our ability to experience multiple dimensions and timelines simultaneously.

Primary Timelines

Primary planetary timelines are interdimensional; they transverse past, present, and future dimensional bandwidths. The overarching intention of a planetary timeline – such as the return of Christ consciousness – may span millions of years in multiple densities. Even if the planet drops in vibration, the primary timelines remain as a possibility.

Primary Christed Ascension timelines are now amplifying, gaining strength due to Lightworker activities, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, the Solar and Cosmic stargate openings, and benevolent Higher realm involvement in the Universal rewrite.

By living in the present and embodying the future self – the Higher Self, Christed Self, Galactic Self, etc. (depending on your Soul’s intention) – you resonate with a Primary timeline which traverses dimensions. These higher timelines gain strength as the photonic rays activate remembering of the Ascension process.

True HUman DNA is stimulated in prepared bodies. Structures within the planet, set in place by Starseeds of the past, are awakened by Starseeds of the Now (often the same beings utilizing the Divine HUman genome.) The higher reality is felt and witnessed by the High Vibe Tribe; those who witness and interact with the higher dimensions.

Primary Timelines offer a pure experience of Ascension, and the pure intent of its Creators. They are organic timelines which traverse time-space constructs (toroidal fields). They are also interconnected to the path of other planets and galaxies, such as with our Solar system, neighboring star systems, and Andromeda.

Secondary Timelines

Secondary timelines serve the creative aspect of the collective experience, presenting several possibilities for how the Primary timelines may play out. They operate on vibrational bandwidths, like the Primary timelines, however they are more abundant.

Photonic frequencies create organic Divine order, which makes the higher vibrational experience of Ascension more accessible during the Shift in consciousness. During these Ascension windows, we are able to raise our vibration and align ourselves with a Divine experience of Self and creation.

We create a vibrational match with a higher bandwidth version of Gaia (New Earth), and the higher trajectory of the future, or Primary timeline, by merging with our Higher Self through embodiment.

You may remember my experience of running into myself a few years ago. The possibility of Ascension, created in the future via the higher timeline which traverses multiple dimensions, allows the lower self to access a higher trajectory when engaging with the Ascension process.

We jump timelines, resonating with a higher experience, via the Gateway of the Heart center, Divine Service, consistent alignment and by clearing our lower timeline experiences (karmic closure).

We have multiple secondary timelines complimenting our transition to 5D. This merciful phase allowed the collective to awaken and choose Love, Peace and unity consciousness over the past five years. For those matching the vibration of the Primary timelines, you have been experiencing the dimensional bleed-through of the higher version of Gaia already.

That experience will overwhelm your lower reality as you release attachments of the old self template and embody the New Template of the Divine Self. Pay attention to the Gateways over the next few months, they hold grand opportunities for leveling up.

The major timeline split occurs between Primary and Secondary levels. When Gatekeepers recommend acceleration, it refers to vibrational acceleration. Speed, or vibrating faster, brings purification by utilizing Zero-Point dynamics. Acceleration brightens and lifts the collective experience to align with the higher future trajectory, which is less dense, less influenced by time dynamics. It feels fluid, like the pure liquid light sensation of the Christed experience.

Tertiary timelines

Tertiary timelines are the ones dropping away right now, since the massive influx of the Equinox passage took out all energetic support for synthetic timelines and lesser trajectories. Tertiary timelines are fueled by HUman fear, repeating the same behaviors, emotions and activities of the past (aided by looping programs and corrupted DNA sequences).

When we collectively awaken and actively choose a higher vibrational Primary timeline experience, Secondary timelines are shifted to compliment that collective reality, and tertiary timelines begin to dissolve.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are able to remove these lower experiences, because we are unified with our Higher levels in acting in accordance with Cosmic Law and Divine Will.

Primary Timeline Engagement – Taking out the Old

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in active Service to Source aim to eliminate all which interferes with the organic Ascension experience by September, with consistent focus during the Gateways of May, June, July and the powerful Gateway of the August Solar eclipse (more on that soon). This is a major year, Beloveds. Stay diligent.

The behind-the-scenes activity has been busy. You may have noticed lightship activity increase a few weeks ago. Several beings were escorted off planet; either to be relocated or delivered to realms where they can no longer interfere with the Ascension of this planetary consciousness.

Obviously we cannot remove all negative beings at this juncture, as some serve HUmanity’s self-empowerment journey.

We can remove the programs and Ascension interference, however. Remember things are not always as they seem, all is done with patience and Divine neutrality.

It is not our task to judge these beings or programs, rather we utilize the power of Source-in-Carnate to bind away all of that interference from this planetary consciousness, HUmanity, kingdoms and elementals. This is done to assist at the Secondary timeline level, where most Lightworkers are resonating, to provide an organic experience of the current Light level. It is an act of Divine Will and must be commanded with that vibration, with a pure heart.

Amplifying the Organic Timeline Experience

A man wrote last week that he participated in the Unity Meditations and really felt like part of the Light Tribe. Please note: Light Tribe and High-Vibe Tribe are terms I created a few years ago to identify the collective resonating with these messages. I create a light-encoded container to hold the pure intent of these transmissions, from my greeting of Blessings Beloved Light Tribe to my signature, In Love, Light and Service, Sandra. I encode them to preserve the Divine intent of my service, since these articles are picked up by other websites (I don’t submit content to anyone).

During my activation in 1999, the messages guided me to find my Tribe. In my Mastery, I learned to magnetize Soul groups and Star family. Now we unify all beings of integrity devoted to peace, love, harmony and the Ascension as the Light Tribe. All that is required is participation, and that is part of the Gatekeeper’s credo: Unify and empower all beings pursuing unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness and the Ascension.

Primary Organic Timelines can be amplified – given more light – through our words, thoughts and deeds. As the timeline split progresses, the waiting game loses its grip on Lightworkers.

We align ourselves with the New Earth/5D/Ascension timeline via a wireless unified transmission in the Unity meditations.

Spiritual power is built through consistent practice, and the Global Unity Meditations have created a field of strength, healing and empowerment which strengthens the Ascending Human heart grid each week. When you join this field of collective intent, you accelerate the Ascension. It is easy, feels wonderful, and is open to everyone.

Join us during these three 30-minute windows each SUNday: 8:11am Pacific Time, 11:11 am PT, and 5:11pm PT or meditate anytime on SUNday to feel the effects and add your energy to this collective intention of service.

Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, the New Grid systems, Solaris (the SUN), Great Central Sun, and Source. Meditate in stillness, focus on Pure Source embodiment and Global Peace, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion (free on youtube or mp3 via the download link below).

Christ Light Expansion

This activity is training us how to connect ORGANICALLY as ONE consciousness, without the need for grounded technology. This prepares us for larger global missions of Unified Service. Thousands are participating; please share with your groups, gatherings and friends of Light. The Higher Realms are able to thread higher frequencies through this activity, and the sensation is beautiful. Join Us!

In Love, Light and Service,

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

You don't have to see your original wound in order to HEAL. You don't have to know what your original wound was or who inflicted it. In this New Energy Earth, all you have to do is Stay in Choice.  Simply Realize that you have CHOICE in every single moment and make that choice.

Every thought; it is a choice to entertain a thought or let it pass, to engage in what the thought is saying or to simply NOT talk story with that thought. It is a choice to examine, Hey is that my Belief or someone else's. You have a choice to always go the direction that feels better to you.

You can choose to let go of Shame, Guilt, Have To's, Old Programs, Patterns, and what others want you to do and who they want you to be.

You don't have to live a life that makes other people comfortable with who you are, your choices or beliefs. No matter who they are. You have Choice.

There are times where you are living, working, school or other situations where you feel you do not have CHOICE.  It is a Wound Triggered Yes. However, it is Also a Choice.  When dealing with the wound in this situation remember to breath deeply and to find the CHOICE.

You can choose where you stay, live, and who you are around. It may feel that there are times of no Choice. I understand. I have felt this way myself, where I have no personal choice over the space around me, or who comes to my door, even my own family. However, all we can do in that is state our need, find peace in our mind and actively seek to get away from that energy to the best of our ability and choices in that moment. We have choice over mind and thought, YES. However, I am not saying to endure what you don't want in your life just because you can have a better thought about it. I am saying to create a life where those people, energies, things are not in it, to the best of your moment to moment ability.  You have a a Right to be in the Energy of your choice.

You don't have to dig into your past and find an original wound to fix.

You can simply choose what feels best to you in every single moment.

Sometimes the best thought may be the excitement of changing your situation or who is in your life or around you. Then love that thought, allow that thought.

Every Choice you make changes your Timeline. Even if its a choice to be excited about changing your current situation, environment, job, home or other events in your life. Sometimes just the thought and excitement of change can relieve the wound energy and open up a new timeline. It is also affirming what you KNOW you don't want in your life.

*Reverend Crystal Cox

Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Understanding on Collapsing Timelines

As we work with shadow self, triggers and old timelines to collapse them, we are literally revisiting old emotions, realities, timelines, stories, memories or versions of our other realities or shadow self (that part of us that is unresolved).

In the old reality we had an “issue” or a circumstance, a drama, something that happened that we felt intense emotion about. We are now merging that reality with our NOW, in our current frequency.

We have melded, merged ALL of our timelines, our parallel realities into this one in this NOW. They were all timelines, our parallel lives / old realities in the third dimension.

We are “resolving” these old reality situations now, in this new frequency, this higher dimension.
We are now in 4D, the place where we merge all versions of us in this lifetime, this form, and prepare to move to 5D and thereby merge with our True Self / Core Self / Galactic Self.

It may feel like there is no way to change what happened or how things happened in what you perceive as past. (linear time)

However, first of all, we are letting go of the idea and prison per say of TIME itself. Therefore all “time” is NOW.

We CAN and are changing what happened by changing our emotion in the NOW of what happened in our perceived past. We do this by seeing the energy, the “play out” , the “story” of the old reality in our mind and letting the emotion come up again and play out, we really are clearing old energy and programs and opening paths for new energy, realities, and potentials.

As the story, memory, images come up. How do you feel about it now? Be kind to you and just let the emotion play out no matter how strong it is. Don’t judge it or you, don’t stop it or try avoid it or think you are moving on by hitting the pause again. Let it play out in full in this new energy. Don’t let the teacher, counselor, “healed self” part of you get you to move on from it saying we have dealt with that, don’t try and “deal with it” or force yourself to feel different about it, SIMPLY let the energy come up, remain as neutral as possible and let it play out.

You are not your Emotion. You are not that situation, person or place in “time”. You are not “their” version of you. Don’t let any part of your multi-dimensional self, the core you, real YOU get stuck THERE.

You ARE the parts of you held there, and by letting it play out you are releasing the old timeline, energy, old reality and merging it with your NOW. Your higher dimensional, higher frequency NOW.  You are preparing for your NEW REALITY in a higher dimension.
You really can change the energy of past issues and therefore have a different memory, a higher vibration story /reality regarding that part of your life (realities).

You really can do this by bringing it up again in the NOW and letting it play out. Part of us somehow paused the story, the emotion and did not let it fully play out. We moved on from it, or removed from the person or situation. We may have left the situation or person right away or let it linger for years, either way we still paused the pain, the emotion of it. We paused it in 3D and are now looking at it, revisiting it in a higher dimensional reality. 

We are currently clearing that energy as we level up per say and move into a more positive, freer, high vibration life. A life outside of TIME, debt slave, low vibrational drama, fear, poverty, fighting, survival and other low frequency realities we experienced / created in 3D.

We paused energy in old realities, that now in a higher frequency “new reality” we can transmute, neutralize, and clear as we go through the Ascension process.
We do this by SIMPLY letting it play out? YES
How do we let it play out? We let it come up, don’t block it, stop it or avoid it. Simply feel it, no matter what emotion comes up, allow the emotion to run through. Remain as neutral as you can. Thereby letting in the newer light high frequency energy.

We are Loving old energy and ourselves in the now and in old realities and thereby merging old realities with our higher frequency now.
You can allow it to come up, allow you to be you unfaltering during the replay of this energy. By this I mean to stay true to yourself throughout the replay of energy / of the story in the old reality / memory.

We are also clearing this shadow energy (energy of old realities) by literally going to places / locations of those old realities, being with family or friends in that old reality and changing our energy to a higher frequency energy in a new reality by loving ourselves unconditionally while visiting these old energies / old realities. And by simply being in those energies as our higher frequency self.

Friends / Family may bring up old judgments, issues, situations, scenarios of old energy. Simply let it pass on by.
This is not to say to let yourself be abused. Simply state your truth and move out of the energy.

See it, look at it feel it and be as neutral as you can.

You don’t have to have that person in your life. The key is to let the feeling, the energy rise and look at it, observe it in this energy. Maybe you have to make a stand of some kind to show yourself unconditional love. It is important to remain as neutral in emotion as you can. You may not be able to be neutral. However, you will certainly show more love to YOU than you did when the energy came up in the old timeline / old reality.

Remember to be as kind as you can, as cruelty holds energy. Cruelty to yourself or to others.

Neutrality is the key. As old energy stories / memories come up and you simply let them play out as neutral as possible, you clear old energy.

As in the movie “what the bleep”, I have always loved those experiments of where an Electron changes once it is “observed”. The act of Observer, the particular Observer actually changes the electron.

Just as in this Electron experiments, the simple act of observation from the perspective of your “new energy” “higher vibration” you changes the energy.

In Observing the past story / memory / old reality, you change IT and bring it into a higher energy, regardless of your reaction to it, just looking at it changes the energy and moves it to a higher frequency.

It may not totally clear the first time it comes up, however, if need be it will keep coming up.

An old timeline / reality changed by the very act of observing it is pretty amazing.

Simply the act of observing the action, person, place or thing as the observer of old energy with eyes of new energy / higher frequency, you clear the old energy, you level it up to your new energy. This is profound and magical to me.

You may choose to not have those people, places or things in your life, this is your choice, however they don’t have to trigger you to be in your life and if they do then simply neutralize them by observing them.

Let the memory / old energy story come up and simply play out to the end of the scene / the energy.

Energy will then be released and your True self, core self, galactic self will be revealed.

In our collapsing timelines and ascension process we are merging our physical with our non-physical self.

In this we are also clearing energy / memories / old realities for our ancestors / our DNA cellular memory.

We are doing shadow work as we look at old energies, we clear density and expand our true version of self. This clears the energy and we have access to it for our new reality and new creations.

As we shift vibration and level up, we do these for the raising of the mass consciousness as well.

If you have a Reactive resistant attack to these triggers, you are not releasing it. It is important to remain as neutral as possible. Still you are moving the energy to a higher density.

When our awareness changes, our relationship with that Reality or Old Timelines / Realities or Versions of Realities - Holographic projections of realities also changes.

If we attach to it or don’t love it then we will get a new opportunity to love it, to level up the frequency.

Things will come up on their own in your mind, as brought by higher self. Others things will come up from triggers by those around you. And yet others you can actively bring up and let play out.

I have days of amazing vision, clarity and knowing. Then the next day fuzzy, confused, anger comes up, emotions rise. The key is to let them pass, allow them to play out without judgement of self or others.
You may find an Ego or old timeline trying to tell you to be scared, full of rage, blaming or depressed because of the feeling, memory, story being told to you, energy of the old reality. However, it is key to simply let it pass, love YOU unconditionally as you move through and it plays out.

* Reverend Crystal Cox

Monday, April 24, 2017

Energy Update: Ascension 2015 - Matt Kahn/

"Emotional Manipulation

As the chaos generated from the planetary ascension accelerates, many people are being influenced by negative forces that they do not comprehend.

Some of these negative forces are sourcing from peoples own Unconscious Mind and Negative Ego which has reinforced a lifetime of negative habits and behaviors.

When people feel unsafe and insecure in themselves they will easily resort to controlling and manipulating behaviors. It is helpful to educate oneself about this behavior in order to protect oneself and create the necessary healthy boundaries.

Controlling people will always assume that their needs, desires, wants and purposes are always more important than whatever yours may be.

Whatever you may be doing or responsibilities you may have, they assert that you need to focus on them and their issues, regardless of the cost it may incur.
Even though the more sly controlling people may not say that directly, the use of emotional manipulation will tell you that is exactly what they are trying to accomplish.

Through emotional manipulation a controlling person will prey upon other people’s empathy and compassion. This is a type of emotional vampire.

Controlling behavior runs the gamut in wounded personalities of people that have low self-esteem, fear based thoughts and when these fears are left unchecked, this need to control others may progress into narcissistic and Psychopathic behaviors. One important point to understand about controlling behavior is that it will always lead to some form of psychological or emotional manipulation which promotes deception and lying.

The need to assert Control over others leads to levels of perpetuating forms of Manipulation. The Manipulation of others leads to varying degrees of Deception and Lying."

"The False Parent is the main Victimizer Archetype that is used to create pain and trauma in the child, when that child is totally dependent upon that adult person. When abuse is suffered in childhood, destructive Attachments and negative bonds are formed within that child that carry into adulthood, if they are not cleared.

To free the body, mind, emotions and spirit from the bondage of trauma induced by parents or others when we were children, we must take responsibility to learn how to love ourselves and unconditionally forgive what has happened to us.

This action dissolves the Causality and the consequential effects, as well as later entanglements that this pain has created throughout the child’s timeline, all the way into adulthood. Unhealed childhood trauma and pain is commonly carried over into our adult intimate relationships, infecting them with pain and leading into unhealthy and destructive relationships.

When we are able to unconditionally forgive the situation and love ourselves, we learn that what happened to us as a child, had nothing to do with our real self. We shift our thinking to reflecting upon what lessons we have learned, and what strengths we can take away from that experience.

We must shift our concept of the Parent that exists on the external, to become the Parent that exists in the internal self, and know that we are the true spiritual parent for ourselves. Our self-worth is not relative to how our biological family or adopted parents treated us as children.
When we change the way we perceive our negative experiences, we are able to own our own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by needing to make it their fault.

The set up on earth is to disempower people into always thinking that their misery is someone else’s fault, so that they are always in a state of blaming something else outside of themselves. This creates powerlessness and cycles of victimization that trap the person into compliance with the enslavement programs.

Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their shoes. Many people on this earth live with a broken heart, experiencing a large amount of Isolation, misery and fear throughout their life. Chances are you had a parent or other people that acted these feelings out on you."

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