Monday, July 25, 2016

Spanking A Child Is Abuse. Spanking is Barbaric. COMMUNICATE Do NOT Hit.


You must ALLOW yourself to remove people from your life that are not of your total belief system. You can do what you actually want and do NOT have an Authority Figure, NONE.

If you find that you are "Judging" others, ask yourself if you are not instead Discerning, and listening to your inner voice that this does NOT Align with Who I know myself to be, and therefore you move out of that energy. You are Discerning NOT Judging them.

If you don't enjoy, like or want to be around what others are doing. That is not judging them, nor thinking you are better or worse, you are simply Discerning that is not of your highest and best Good FOR You; That is Discernment.. NOT Judgement.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox
In the Pursuit of TRUTH over my Lifetime, I have Come to Know as TRUTH for me that there is No Truth; there is ONLY Perception.  ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nibiru is the SUN of Righteousness. 

Nibiru / Planet X is not going to Impact Earth nor cause destruction. Science, Physics here on Earth don't know so SO much, they will be learning lot's more as we move along.

Nibiru will merge with Earth.

Earth is Sophia, the Mother Goddess, Feminine Divine. Nibiru is the Christ Consciousness, Father, Masculine Divine.  The Consciousness will Merge. It is shown to me that yes we will hit, be affected by the energy field, quantum field and planet of what Earthlings Call Nibiru or Planet X, however, we will then merge, there will be LOVE, Cleansing, Healing, Wholeness and Not Destruction.
The Dark Cabal, our controllers, our enslavers, will be moved to "Elsewhere" and Heaven as in our stories, Peace and True Freedom as in the longing of our Hearts, will be our Reality. Time, Money, Power, War, Greed, Taxes, Big Pharma, Military, Corruption, will NO longer be in our Reality.
Nibiru / Planet X is the Christ Consciousness, wings and all Changing the resonance, the consciousness of Mother Earth and all her people, plants and animals. Awakening all Purging truth.

Earth is Sophia, the 8th Sister of the Pleiades. Nibiru is Jesus, Archangel Michael, the Christ Consciousness Returning. We are awakening, the Truth is being shown, the Darkness is being Purges. Love WON. Light WON. We are Ascending Now, on Mother Earth, all of Us.