Saturday, April 22, 2017

The feeling in your physical body is your Divine Compass of Truth.  

Notice your body's reaction, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. This is how you tell the Truth from a Lie (for you), what is of the highest and best for YOU personally in any given choice or situation.

You know the TRUTH for you. No master, no healer, no teacher knows your Truth for you. Only YOU know that. However, learning to listen and TRUST YOU is something I have had to actually pay attention to and practice daily.

How you choose to respond to a circumstance, creates your reality, your timeline.

There will be many voices in your head. Also known as Egos. They will pitch different versions, choices, benefits and scenarios to you for every given choice or situation. Listen, don’t listen. However, DO PAY attention to how your body feels about the choice or the ‘’PITCH’’ your EGO or Ego personalities are giving you.

If you Truly listen to your body and do NOTHING out of guilt, obligation, what you think other people want, will like or approve of, then you will be attracting on the Timeline you really want to be your ‘’Reality’’, your Life.

*Reverend Crystal Cox
Earth moved Locations in the Galaxy / Universe

The planetary body, Mother Earth is shifting into the higher frequency vent that is located in the next harmonic Universe. We have moved closer to the center of the Universe and are no longer in the Sagittarius Arm, but instead we are in the Orion Arm.

Earth literal moved in the Universe, Travelled to another location, Ascended. Earth changed coordinates as per her location in the Universe, changed Timelines and Dimensions.

Mother Earth will NEVER again be i 3D. Those who want to live out 3D ideas and ways of life will incarnate on a 3D planet and not on Mother Earth.

We have rolled up 3D on Earth eternally. Our beliefs, thought patterns, memories hold 3D images, memories, beliefs and programmings. We are now in the process of cleansing those aspects of ourselves as we prepare for higher dimensions.

We Are purging deeply and letting go of harming patterns of past aKa ‘’lower vibrations and frequencies’’.

Your thoughts, patterns, beliefs (programming) ALL create the Timeline (Reality) that you will be living in (perceiving as your life), in your New Higher Dimensional Timeline. 

CHOOSE in Every Moment. 

Your every thought, breath, action is creating the TIMELINE you will live in and Creating / Manifesting your Reality. 

*Reverend Crystal Cox
Thoughts, Intentions, Effort, Emotions CREATE Realities; YOURS.

You are Shedding OLD Realities with Every Thought, Breath, Action and Belief you accept as yours.

You are Releasing Timelines. 

NOW is VERY important to FOCUS on what you DO WANT in your Life and do not say or take any type of action toward the life you DO NOT want.  Don't take an invitation somewhere you don't want to go. Listen to your Body.

Don't participate in anything out of lower vibrational guilt, have to's, shame, obligation or any reason other than you actually want to and feel happy and good about it.

Your LIFE is being created with every thought, every breath and every belief. 

STOP feeling sorry for yourself. You are affirming lower vibrational realities to YOU.

STOP repeating negative thoughts. STOP with the should haves. STOP wallering in thoughts and words that paint a life you do not want or things that you are not happy with or do not make you feel GOOD. If the thought does not feel good, discard it. You do not have to believe your every thought. You get to choose what you hold as truth for you. That version, perception of Truth becomes your Reality, and creates a Timeline with those ''things'' in it.

STOP speaking negative about a relationship loss. STOP talking negative about a Death. As with each word you are creating more of what you don't want. Wake UP. The relationship did not happen because you are Vibrating Higher and attracting something of a higher vibration. And ya for the NOW it may be a time to be with you and PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts.

Your Thoughts and WORDS are you Magic SPELL, every moment of every day. What you repeat in your mind and affirm with your words out loud, YOU Create. Plain and Simple.

Wallering in a relationship loss? Or any loss in your life? STOP. You created the LOSS. You followed the higher vibration.  You created a higher vibrational you with your thoughts, words and vibration. You are attracting a higher vibration.

Yet now you are devastated? Why are you not celebrating?

Your thoughts of loss, sadness, devastation over the loss are NOT the core YOU. They are one of your Ego's.  That is the EGO that wanted abused by that person. That is the ego that wanted so bad to play victim. YOU are not vibrating there so you did not create that relationship. The longer you linger in what if and should have, instead of trusting yourself, the longer you create the life you don't want and attract more of what you don't want.

Hysterical, Frantic, Wallering, What if-ing over a loss? STOP. Don't you TRUST YOU?

You manifested what is happening, sit back and take a wider scope. You STOPPED you from that path for reasons of a Higher Vibrating YOU. Trust that and return your thoughts to the GOOD REASONS why it is happening.

Multiple Realities are Merging. LET them. Choose your Thoughts. If random thoughts come up, choose to believe them or not, choose to entertain them or let them pass. CHOOSE. 

Wherever you are vibrating, that is what you are going to EXPERIENCE.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions ARE your VIBRATION. 

Every choice creates a ''vibration'', a timeline, one in which is fed or denied and fades away. You are constantly, actively, RIGHT NOW Manifesting, Reality Creating, Timeline Creating, and CHOOSING.

You are Creating YOU in every thought, breath, action, and choice. 

Lower Vibrational Realities are Shedding Away. Let THEM. 

¬ Reverend Crystal Cox

Thursday, April 20, 2017

BASHAR - Making it Easy to Change your Beliefs

When we experience an undesirable reality, we have to back-track and ask ourself: "What would I have to be believing in order to create such a Reality"?

Once we then get in touch with this belief that is creating the undesired outcome, we can decide and choose our preferred belief - what belief we would like to REPLACE this earlier belief with.

So, then we adopt this new preferred-belief. Ah.............but here's where it gets "tricky". Often, people find themselves "slipping back" to the old unpreferred-belief. Why? Usually, because they have this deep-seated sense (this underlying gut feeling) that, somehow, the old belief is "more real", "more solid", more "how things really are", than the new preferred-belief.

So, how we can make the new preferred belief "stick"? The critical factor is this:

Getting used to the idea that
There is no reality, except for the reality you define (according to your beliefs).

Getting used to the idea that
There is no reality, except for whatever you define your reality to be.

Getting used to the idea that
There is no "basic" reality that is any "more real" than any other reality.

Getting used to the idea that
There is no "basic reality" against which you can gauge and judge how "real" your new belief is.
The reality actually is that there is no "inherent reality".
There are only the realities generated by any belief (all of which are equally-valid, equally-real)

Getting used to the idea that
There is no one definition of reality that is any more real or valid than any other definition.

Like starting a painting:
It's an empty canvas with infinite possibilities.
"Empty" because there is NO "inherent real reality" at all!
"Infinite Possibilities" because reality can be ANYTHING you define it to be, according to your definitions, your beliefs.

When this really "sinks in". When you truly "get", "grok", and understand that there is no "real" reality, you will no longer have that lingering feeling that the old belief is more "real" than your new preferred belief. You will thereby not feel any deep-seated "need" to slip back to the old belief, because it is somehow more representative of "the real world".

You can then easily accept and adopt whatever definitions of reality are most aligned with the "you" that you prefer,
and most aligned with the "reality" you would prefer to experience.

And if you find yourself, once again "slipping back" to previous undesirable reality-definitions, then simply sit back and spend more time contemplating these ideas about:
There is no "basic" reality that is any "more real" than any other reality.
There are only the realities generated by any belief.
All beliefs are equally-valid, equally-real.

Then in realizing that your new-preferred belief is just as valid, and just as "real", as your older undesired belief, simply choose to effortlessly adopt your new preferred belief.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling by Reverend Crystal Cox. Timeline Shift. Reality Shift. Time Jump.

I am and EXPERT in the Mandela Effect, which I call Timeline Shift. It is also called many other names as you see in the keywords below.  I am also a Psychic and a Spiritual Counselor / Advisor. If you would like advice on the "Mandela Effect" as it pertains to YOU personal or if you want to understand more of what is happening as you notice CLEAR timeline changes and people around you do not believe you or understand what is happening to you; I provide Readings, Spiritual Counseling regarding what most call the Mandela Effect. I do this full time, for a living, and I do charge for this service, though I give free advice daily, I no longer have time for Free Psychic readings and Mandela Advising as I have made this my full time focus, along with my New Earth Ministry (Universal Church of Light).

I am not saying I know everything about the Mandela Effect, nor can I explain every detail you may seek. However, I am an Expert on the topic and have personally experienced it. What is called the Mandela Effect, turned my life in an instant. First it was interesting, WOW. Then it was OMG, then I was angry, then I dug deeper into what it all meant to me personally, mass consciousness and the Universe as a Whole.

I am not from the Timeline I am in. I am not afraid, however, NOTHING an be the same for me. Once you know that this can happen and has happened, how can life ever be the same. And if you have no one in your life who believes you, well it's as if you jumped into a body that was in a life you don't know or get and well the body looks like you and they think you should know. It is VERY challenging for many. I find it helps to understand the process.

My readings and ongoing spiritual counseling and advice is focused on you personally, your life, your experiences and helping you to have the tools and understanding to move forward and not, as they say, "Freak Out". To assist you to stay grounded as we move through this process and to comfort and counsel you as those around you have no idea what you are going through and in fact may push you to getting "help" as they call it, or to go on "meds" or worse.

If you would like Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling please pay via Our
PayPal account by sending money to the email, once we get your payment we will email you for an appointment, oftentimes the appointment can be in that same day if you need or want.

We charge $25 Introductory, for our first reading online, after this our rates vary. We will discuss this with you after your first session, if you want to go further.

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Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling by Reverend Crystal Cox