Saturday, August 5, 2017

Being “Self Conscious” Was the Purpose of it All. Being “Self Conscious” is the Meaning of Life.

When did being “Self Conscious” become a negative thing?
Sometimes when someone has a low opinion of themselves or talks negative about their own self image, or maybe even boasts highly as they say, maybe nervous or visibly acting uncomfortable, they are called “Self Conscious”, as if it is a negative thing. When truly if you are acting uncomfortable, then you are Self Aware and must give yourself permission to leave that in which makes you "uncomfortable". Your body is your message from the Divine. LISTEN.

We at times have claimed to be self conscious, say of how we might look, a particular hairstyle or some other bodily image concern. We seem to use it as a negative or something to work on Not Being.  We call ourselves, “Self Conscious” however, the thing is to be “Self Conscious” is the Ultimate Goal I would Say.   To Know Thyself, to be Self Aware, to be Conscious of Self, of who we TRULY are is a VERY positive thing. Some may even say it is the most important passage, knowledge, lesson or mission we came to Earth to achieve.
If I am “Self Conscious” then I know myself, I am listening to my intuition through the talking of my body. If I am “Self Conscious” I know my Truth and honor myself.  Many believe that being “Self Conscious” is why God created Humans. Simply to become aware of SELF, to be Conscious of SELF, to be “Self Conscious” . It is the WHOLE Purpose of Humanity.        ~  Reverend Crystal Cox

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Timeline Shift: The Third Wave of 2016 Sandra Walters

" Jul 29, 2016
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The energies for the September wave, our third amplification of 2016, are already arriving. To recap: The first wave (late December – January) was aimed at dissolving looping programs which interfered with HUman perception of the Shift in consciousness. These programs which kept people doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, repeating the same beliefs were dismantled.

As always, the collective recreates old patterns out of habit, so there is a delay between what occurs and what the collective can perceive due to our experience of linear time. That is the free will choice of Creator-in-carnate HUmans, with powerful DNA, who are able to collectively create realities.

The second wave (March-April) was aimed at shadow; the uncomplimentary beings, programs, thought forms, emotions and beliefs which are deeply engrained into the collective subconscious. This level of light was (and is) a bit torturous for disharmonious beings, both Human and non-Human. Many Lightworkers are feeling the impact of this global purging of disharmony, because the effects apply to every single being on this planet. No stone is unturned during a dimensional shift. 

Gratitude to the Lightworkers who had the vision and intuition to prepare for this phase.

You have the tools, compassion and understanding to stand in your power, no matter how difficult it gets to witness and experience this cleansing of the collective consciousness.

Remember that these waves have deep purpose in preparing and launching us into the New. These energies are a purer frequency of photonic light; frequencies that are typically experienced by higher realities. Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration.

Your resonation determines your externally projected reality – your personal reality, as well as collective. (Vibration = vibration).

Photonic light aimed at dissolving bandwidths that no longer serve Divine Will (the Universal rewrite) continue to penetrate our Solar system, Gaia and your individual consciousness.

Reporting Our Progress: Higher Realms desire your Connection

Your bodies are still attempting to hold a huge consciousness in a tiny form. It can be painful, uncomfortable, fatiguing, stimulating … whatever is needed to anchor this new level of light into the collective consciousness.

This is why so much preparation was done to clear and upgrade the body and assist it into crystalline transformation. Keep your body vehicle clear and moving, flowing into this new stream of Light.

Remember to report all of the effects to your Higher levels. The nightly check-in with your Team and backward review help with adjustments in dreamstate (this has worked well for me for several years, try it.) A reminder that you are being monitored individually and as a collective.

Complaints about the external reality or internal symptoms slow the collective process. We are completely capable of this evolution, Beloveds. As embodiment and contact intensifies (or begins) for many, the intermingling of energy fields can make the body feel electrified, blown apart, blissy, or non-existent.

Some feel unheard, isolated or alone in this journey. Leave those notions of separation behind, beloveds. The new experience is foreign to the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions). Parent them, train them to be patient with the transformation. The Higher teams hear everything, beloveds.

All of your emotions, thoughts and words go into the collective sorting out of who-can-handle-what, and when. So if we desire the full acceleration available with these waves, we need to be HUman Masters – now. That is not a controlling position, it is one of grace, compassion and acceptance of the role of Wayshower.

Even with the intense internal heat, the sensations of being electrified, the vagus nerve activations (article on that soon), and the new glands developing to handle this transition, we persist in grace. Creator Breath: We breathe and exhale peace, in order to balance the deep unrest boiling up in the global population.

August: Take Inventory of Health, Lightwork, Creativity

Our third wave is beginning to arrive already. Vibrational match will become more apparent as the High Vibe Tribe anchors frequencies of freedom. You have sensed this for a while; the freedom, the completion, the gradual release of the lower reality. And yet your spirit continues to expand into the body vehicle. Hence the term *embodiment*. Let the light in, let the Higher Self step forth. Create as much freedom as you can from routine; you’ll need to play in the moment with this new level of light.

Multidimensional awareness intensifies in August, along with clarity, direction and creativity after the purge of the last wave. Use what you have learned, do not ignore the new direction. Many of you will be relocating, traveling and journeying to prepare for the September wave. Use the momentum of this phase to move ahead and step away from the old Self.

You are stepping away from yet another level of the old reality. Resistance can bring depression, confusion, and disharmony in the body. Follow the Higher Self guidance; trust your heart as it merges with the Christed state of consciousness. Take note of feeling more like the True Self. Smile, breathe, all is well.

The lower vibration is what it is; let it have its experience. 

What is playing out on the smaller stage of the lower reality has no impact on the overarching mission of Ascension. There are many surprises ahead for the lower reality, as well as the higher. High Vibe Tribe, you know what is about to unfold. Trust that inner guidance with your personal journey. Stay in service to Divine Love. Participate in creative, playful, cleansing, healthful activity as the energies shift in August. Celebrate the lighter, brighter, happier place of the radiant heart.

Turning point: August Prep, September Shift

Unity is key in Unity Consciousness. That applies to your thoughts, energy fields and emotions more than physical surroundings. Most of you will need the support and companionship of others during this phase. The Wednesday Unity Meditations are there for you to connect etherically to the Light Tribe and Higher realms.

We connect this way for many reasons: To experience the true/new level of Christed peace, to feel our collective power, to heal the collective and ourselves, to assist with embodiment, to raise the vibration of the HUman heart grid, and to connect with each other as we shed concerns about physical location or physical exhaustion with the new level of light.

It is a highly supportive activity; if you are not participating, take a look at why you resist connecting with other Lightworkers in this way.

Upcoming Triggers

There is a lot unfolding at the moment to shift the vibe before the next wave enters. It seems we had a rough passage with the second wave, however we will create a much higher platform to stand on in August. Wayshowers, follow the personal direction for location, alignments and co-creations.

Much of this phase will feel like a new wave of awakening – even for the Light Tribe – as the Higher Self steps in. There is a bit of reorganizing, shuffling of locations and duties presenting. Pay attention to the new direction, we are aiming for a very powerful influx to bring HUmanity into alignment with their hearts.

The Lion’s Gate (August 8) and August 21 are our collective triggers this month. The September wave begins around September 9th – 11th with the peak of the wave flowing in September 26 -29. Gratitude for your endurance, dear hearts. You are witnessed, you are cherished. Expect brilliance, beloveds!

In Love, Light and Service,"


Monday, July 24, 2017

As per the experience of the Mandela Effect, an ACTUAL physical change in my physical reality that happened to me in a very notable way in May of 2016, at this point, for me personally, it is about daily focus on the reality, the timeline that I want to live in.

It is about waking up in a world where things may not yet be ideal as far as the timeline I really want to be living in, however, keeping my own thoughts, energy, and focus on the things I do want.  Pondering, visualizing the way I want things to be. Staying out of the energy of old programs, moving through old reactions and patterns with new ones, even if only a slight each time.

It is about being the best me I can be everyday with each energy, program, circumstance, personal attack, that comes into my awareness.  It is about refocusing when I lose my focus because old reactions come up to new circumstances, challenges or events. I find myself reacting inside, however, I process the energy as to not react outside. Then I continue to work on transmuting the initial feeling, what is the root cause and working toward clearing it all.

I do this all day everyday. A feeling comes up that does not feel good, feel right. Therefore I know it is not True for me. So I then look at the root cause and trying different methods to reprogram myself to not be triggered. Such as imagining what a triggerless me would feel like in that moment, or meditation where I focus only on a beat, or other methods of frequency and eye movement changes to try and uproot the original wound let’s call it or simply expose the hiding place of the program within my own existence.

Reminding  myself daily that I can move energy better, clearer, more joyfully.  And that I don’t have to react, buy into what other people are feeling or seeing or have as their life mission. To not react to those who don’t get me or validate me. But instead to validate myself and to transmute the energy to that, just energy and not a program that triggers an old response of earlier versions of Me, be it in this life or my  or my entire ancestral line in any reality.

With this I believe I am clearing out old programs for good, and collapsing lower vibrational realities I once lived or experienced, clearing, lower frequency timelines of which I nor my ancestral line will have to visit again.

It is about recognizing my old patterns, which are programs of ego from lifetimes, and removing those programs, simply by stating I remove that program. It comes up, I see it I remove it, over and over until it does not come up, does not trigger a feeling or lower vibrational response.

I believe this daily work is monumentally important and that it is say my Graduate class, or Doctorate class in the school of Earth. I have done the work, lived the lifetimes. I have seen that we literally shift realities, actual physical reality, WOW. And so now the work to bring all that together is the work within my daily thoughts, my triggers, my reactions to things outside of my control and my willingness to participate in or abandon Patterns and Programs of which are not what I want and not part of the higher frequency Reality I really want to live.

Yes I do believe there is a need out there for Facebook pages, blogs and such to assist people in validating that the Mandela Effect is real. This is a valuable tool, as is learning to walk, to talk. It is also valuable to assist you to not feel it is a mental illness as many around you may claim.  However, once you have validated it to yourself and once you yourself fully, truly, without a doubt believe that you have experienced a reality shift, an actual physical, then it is time to do the clean up work to level up debri in your realities in lower timeline frequencies, to remove programs, to create worlds by focusing on what you do want

If you continue focusing on is it real, prove its real, needing others to see it as real or believe it as real then you are denying yourself the beautiful, amazing Gift of actually experiencing this awakening and all it truly has to offer you by focusing on YOU and not on proving it over and over or trying to convince others. They will KNOW when it’s right for them, PERIOD. That work is done, now it’s about the individual you with you, me with me.

I have no further need to convince myself that “it” is happening. As to go daily down that rabbit hole, I change my focus to proving something that I already know is True for me. It is not my job to convince others. The internet has ALL the information they need to validate it has happened for them personally. And if it has not then why spend my time convincing them of my Truth, of which may be no where near their truth? There is Simply No Need for that.

What I spend my thoughts, my time, my energy on every day, LITERALLY creates worlds. I know that now. So I don’t want to focus on all the things that have changed, as they are constantly changing. I want to focus on being the absolute purest, happiest, most abundant, joyous, loving, fun, wealthy, healthy, high vibration, high frequency me that I can possibly imagine, and therefore at some point obtain.  I want to focus on the world I want to create and not get jumbled in proving each new reality shift.

YES it is real, it is WOW amazing, magic and supernatural. It is REAL. You know that, you have seen and felt it so let’s stay focused on Joy, on what we want. And not get trapped in energetic struggles trying to convince others every day or follow every new change in each timeline shift.

I believe that I, as with many others, are clearing old timeline programs, old programs and identities as we collapse multiple timelines and versions of ourself into a higher vibrating version of ourselves.

Our Joy is our guide.

We literally feel bad in our body when something is not right and we literally feel good when something is right for us. That is not to say this signifies as to something being right to or for anyone else.

For me I am sitting in the eye of the Mandela storm per say. I know it is happening, some people are very upset, others curious, others disbelieve. I know it’s a huge stretch for people who have not had the experience to believe in it’s existence. They literally cannot stretch their imagination to it being real. And that is fine, they will when they are ready.  For me it’s surreal, it feels space and dreamy at times as I float in and out of their realities and they really believe it is real, and well it is for them. However, I don’t get stuck there, I observe, check my own triggers and programs, work on clearing those and keep moving through.

Many people are angry and looking to argue or prove to anyone who will join them. I don’t engage with those folks, as that is not the reality I want to experience. I block them, move out of their energy, don’t hang around them. And stay focused on the things I do want in my next timeline.  Their fear does not have to be owned by me, proven or justified by me in any way. Their fears are theirs and are programs they choose to still participate in. I do not.

At times it WOWS me, as I look directly at the physical changes, or come across a movie that did not exist, or things about my own body, or the sky or destinations. However, I don’t get caught in it, let fear rise or even question why now. I know why. I created all this somehow. Some version of my created this. And I trust and love me, and want to be the absolute best version of me, so I keep moving, keeping improving, keep letting old programs and patterns go and don’t engage with the naysayers, as I don’t want THEM creating MY REALITY.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox, Timeline Shift Ramblings

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It only exists if you bring it into Focus.  

If I validate that it exists then I am assisting in the creation of that Reality.  Exposing the dark brings the light into Focus.  Yes however, once it is let up. You Really Can Let Go.

My Daily Reality is a Choice and it is an extreme challenge to sit in choice when you are constantly fed words, actions, energy that is not how you believe you choose your life to be but the one in contrast to the life you do want does choose that and keeps talking to you about it or should I say “At you”, really not wanting your verbal participation or to in any way defend yourself, speak your mind or any contrast. Whoa Nope just not allowed.

You say in your mind over and over this is not about me, this is not my stuff. But it still triggers you.  You imagine the Triggerless you and what that version of you would feel, do, think and say right now.  Yet the person is there, right in front of you with their version of Reality, their Ego Programs, their story of how Reality is, their righteousness, their fear, their choices.

You are Triggered, the Triggerless you is Triggered and all lay in a pieces as a crashing wall in front of you.  Don’t fret, these are just breakdowns of patterns and programs and they look like a never ending, repeatedly building STONE WALL of Triggers, of a Reality you know you don’t want to be moving into.

When you are in another room, another town, another house, and focusing on not being triggered and working on that high vibration you. You find that place of this is not my stuff, and I choose to think about, focus and bring in a different Reality for me.

Yet when you are in a Trigger boot camp let’s call it, sitting in the energy at you like a batting cage whereby there is no way to shut the balls off. You have a helmet but still you cannot stop the balls from coming. Your thoughts about what the person is saying or doing can only go so far. Your Triggerless you, your Faith, your Focus can only go so far if you choose to stay around that person.

They are not going to change their Reality. Your home, safety, sanctuary, food, life as you know it depends on them, however, you cannot move into the Reality you want when they are STRONGLY in the Contrasting reality. Partner, Parent, Child, no matter who it is, you have to remove them from your Reality in order to have the Reality you want.

Think of that person, no matter who they are as you ANCHOR to 3D, anchor to a Reality you don’t want. You really do have to let go of the Anchor, Let go of the Electricity, and move away from it, never to return. This collapses that Timeline for you eternally, you chose a higher vibration and you gave up every comfort and everything you knew to be your life to do it.

I know there are those who can have a different version of life, realty, timeline while staying in a situation as such. However, it will not be an experienced physical reality, it will only be a thought form, a potential reality that really is a Path not taken.

How can you Attract the Life you want, if you force your body to stay in a life you don’t want? You worry of hurting their Ego Feelings, you are anchored in guilt, shame and what will they think. YOU will NEVER change their mind, their words or remove their patterns, addictions and programs. You can only choose to move out of their REALITY permanently.

Yes our mind, our consciousness creates, however if we choose to stay in that situation, we are choosing that created reality.  Our mind has a choice to perceive it different, however, some people’s Timeline, Reality really is like a web, a sinking ship for yours.  You stay to close and have trouble unwinding enough to have your own reality. You really must move out of their Reality field in such instance.  If you do not then that is fine, however, you will not raise your frequency or move into the Timeline, the Dimension you want to. It won’t be able to come into the energy that you have FORCED your physical body to stay in.

Yes I believe that your perception of what people say is what may hurt and not that “they hurt you” or offend you. I believe that how I interpret a conversation, based on my beliefs, morals, prejudices, egos, programs is how it is. However, if my body is in screaming stressed pain, and I cannot change my perception in this now with this person vomiting their ILLUSION on me so Forcefully,  then I must physically remove myself from that person, PERIOD.

There is no other way to get to that next level.  I can’t just take it, turn my cheek, change my mind. Yes I can change how I think about it and my consciousness however, If I am unable to do that fully because of the consuming energy of another’s EGO Program, Reality, Illusion  then I must move my physical location and remove that person from my Reality.  There is, as they say, NO ANDS IFS about it.

No more playing down what I do or taking a back seat with my version of Reality. I have a choice and now I must remove old debri and moving deeper into that choice and away from that in which is not what I want to see in the world. I have literally done all that I needed to, that I contracted to in order to bring in the light in that Old Reality. And now I Choose a different Reality as I unwind the Nets from legs, from my Reality.  Many Lightworkers will not be able to let go of the fight and they will transition and heal that energy, transmute that energy when they are ready. This is not an excuse for me to pity them, stand with them, dig in, fight for or with them, stay in old programs because they are. I must follow my joy, my feel good body, that is where I am to be. That is what moves me to the Intended Reality for Me. 

No More Excuses, Simply living the Life I want and Ignoring the energies of those who do not fit into that Focus, that Timeline I do want, regardless of who they are. 

In this I must then choose to stop using their version of Reality as an excuse to not move into my reality. I must stop being afraid of what Spirit lays before me and instead keep creating.

The last 1.5 years I have been massively clearing timelines, collapsing timelines. I have been doing this by going into Trigger Tornadoes let’s call them. Those places where I can practice, let’s say, in not being Triggered in a version of Reality that is not what I know I want to be my Timeline, My Reality.

Those places where it was literally life and death in that moment to stay calm, stay non-reactive and those moments where I transitioned energy with family, with old friends, old places and moved to another layer, frequency, dimension. I leveled up each time let’s say, as old timelines collapsed and Patterns and Programs dissolved.

Yes State of Mind, of Consciousness is what creates our Reality, our Timeline. However, don’t use this as an Excuse, Reason to stay with someone who is stuck in programs so deep that you Literally are unable to live the higher frequency, higher dimension life of Joy and Laughter that you Focus on Daily.  You have to Let Go of Them. Leave them To the Divine, to their own God inside to Create their Reality. Or stay frozen in their dimension by not choosing to Let Go.

You Will be SO Triggerless at some point that in this "Reality" you may be able to actually Live your Reality with them "at you" Triggering you. However, there really are those times as we shed old patterns and programs that we absolutely must move our REALITY away from their REALITY.

Reverend Crystal Cox

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Triggerless YOU that Does not NOTICE what others THINK in any way.

What would the version of YOU that is NOT Triggered by what other people think of you, your actions, YOU in any way look like?  Imagine a version of you that is not Triggered by what your community, your friends, your family, your peers think of you or ANYTHING about you, who you are or what you do.

Feel the Triggerless YOU.  

Let yourself IMAGINE what it is like to be TRIGGERLESS.

Imagine NOT having any triggers whatsoever in regard to what anyone thinks of you. Imagine a you completely oblivious to what others think. And by others I mean ANYONE, anyone at all, period.

Can you imagine a version of you that does not even NOTICE what others think of you in ANY way?

Can you imagine a Version of YOU that NEEDS no Validation in ANY way?

Check Out this Video

Your Biased Self  vs. Your True Self

Your Biased self will be Triggered. 
Your True Self will Not. 

By Bias I am referring to patterns, programs, habits, beliefs, and all that is programmed in  us that is NOT actually ours, yet we act as if it is ours and we trust our Triggers and we React to them as if it is our true self and our real belief system..

This is what we want to draw attention to and to STOP this biased self and make actual choices in the NOW, based on our True Self, based on what we REALLY want in the NOW, in the Real Self version of us, instead of the programs and patterns of the past (our Biased Self)

Most Triggers are automatic, they come up and you react from a place where you think you are acting / reacting / choosing of your own free will.
But you are really reacting / triggering from a place of past patterns, programs and instilled beliefs, of habit, of old energy.

You may feel as if you have no choice to change this. However, you have time, as you sit there, you see the Trigger and you can exercise free will and CHOICE as to whether or not you react / act upon the trigger.  By react I mean accept it as truth and get depressed, feel guilt or shame, feel bad in any way, yell or scream, fight and defend and other low vibration reactions. You can take a moment and sit quietly, feeling and knowing you are Triggered and face, heal the Trigger as it comes up.

For me it is best to remove myself from the room, the trigger and to go meditate, at least at first. Go to a room alone, play meditation music or something to focus your mind on and away from your thoughts. (More tricks on this later). I find it very helpful to play Rife healing sounds for Emotions.

Breath in way down deep and out over and over and then take a look at the Trigger. Look at what words come up to describe your reaction. Look at what excuses, reasons, beliefs come up to defend the Trigger / the reaction.   Is it rational?   Do you really believe it in the now.  What is the thought behind Triggering?  What made you trigger in regard to an outside force, energy or issue? Something outside of you, Some noise, action, person, word, animal, TRIGGERED YOU. Why?

From this point you can see the issue and feel mad, anger or whatever emotion it brings up. Then sit in your NOW, your total belief system and talk to that version of you. Does it make sense for that to have triggered you, is it even believable to this NOW version of you. Or was it a habit, a program, old beliefs, or patterns.

What would it feel like if you went Triggered by that particular thing. Try and see a version of you that was not triggered, what does that look like, feel like?

Ask Spirit to assist you to remove old beliefs, triggers, patterns, programs and REMOVE / Release this for every version of you in every reality, every lifetime, and through your ancestral line from the beginning of time, in any incarnation until this very moment.

State that you remove old programs, patterns, beliefs that cause this trigger. Ask Spirit to assist you.

See the part of your body that is holding that Trigger. Feel the pain, the block. See yourself grab it out and put it into a jar in front of you. Then blow the jar up, exploding into granules of Pure White Light.
Your every thought and every word chooses Realities stronger now than ever.  It is so important that we remain in choice, that we make sure we are actually choosing and not simply reacting as per past patterns and programs.

We really do have a choice as to whether we are TRIGGERED.

When Triggers Come Up we can say I see you, I know you are there, that is not who I am now, that is not mine. And by simply choosing to state this you change the energy, you take away the power of the Trigger.


Triggers are messages from your body. If you are Triggered then there is a deep program, pain, belief that has triggered you. Instead of reacting, ignoring, hurting, getting depressed, self loathing; go into the root issue, go into the location of the pain or belief in your body. Face it, see it, talk to it.

I have found that often when I do this, the original belief makes no sense in this reality. Kind of like using an old rotary dial phone to work a modern day cell phone. It is simply an old program, old invention that is of no use now. I convince it and me that it does not make sense and it goes away.

The next time it comes up, it is way less of a trigger, less pain, less reaction and I do the same thing. Eventually it goes away.

We are in an intense time of clearing. It is wonderful. We must look at every single trigger that comes up. This could be a whole lot in a day. Look at them, assess them, remove connected patterns. I declare so that my own ears can hear, that I revoke any and all past contracts I may have agreed to in any way, in any lifetime since the beginning of time until now, regarding this belief, pattern, trigger.  I ask Spirit to assist me.

I am not saying that you have to do things that trigger you, or be around noises, people or things that Trigger you. I am saying, we must deal with the wound of the Trigger, in this we CHOOSE the reality, the timeline that we really want to live in.

Once the Trigger is meditated on and removed for that day, you may decide that you don’t want to be around that person, event, animal, noise or whatever Triggered you. And that is fine, that is of high vibration. You are then CHOOSING, Acting from a place of choice and not a place of Trigger.

When you are reacting from a place of True Self, it will be a feeling, an intuition, a nudge, a knowing in which has no story with it. You just know. Ego may try and convince you not to listen to this intuitive knowing by feeding you a story, excuses, programs, biases.  Learn to Trust your True Self by first understanding what is your True Self and what is beliefs that are NOT Yours, Patterns, Old Paradigm contracts, thought addictions, and Programs.

*Reverend Crystal Cox 
IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS TRUE. THEN IT IS TRUE FOR YOU. This belief creates your Reality and is the TIMELINE you are living on and heading toward. Pay attention to Your Beliefs and if they are Really YOURS.